Views of th National Parks
Visit a nmer of National Parks in the United States via this web site.

Global Trek
Here students can craft their own trip to a foreign country.

Great American Landmarks
This is a virtual trip that takes students back in time to cave paintings about 1500 years ago through space exploration.

Explore the insides of an Egyptian pyramid via QuckTime.

eField Trips
Free. There are actual visits, journals and worksheets to help gude the learner and an option to ask questions. Registration is required by the teacher.

Journey Into the Amazon Rainforest
Amazing features of the Amazon rain forest.

Tour Betsy Ross's Home
Explore the home fo Betsy Ross, the woman who made the first US Flag.

The Virtual Cave
Visit the world of caves from your classroom compliments of an expert photographer!

Colonial Williamsburg
Look at the teacher options.

Travel around the grounds and the main house.

Tenement Museum
Learn about immigration.

Tower of London Kids Tour
Digital images and sounds make this tour lively.

Virtual Jamestown
Students can explore an Indian long house,the fort, and more.

Kids' Castle
Learn about the struture and history of castles.

Our Wild Neighbors
This animated site introduces learners to the animals and ecosystems of Alaska.

4-H Virtual Farm
This provides students to learn about a farm. Visits to either a horse, beef, dairy, poultry, fish, or wheat farm.

Kids Dig Reed
Learn about archeology as you can use this virtual dig at a 10th century farm site.

The Great Wall of China
Experience walking and exploring the Great Wall.

The Art Institute of Chicago
There are nine exhibits to visit.

The Field Museum's Online Exhibits
Students canstudy soil, see the most complete Tyrannosaurus Rex and explore a number of archeology finds.

The Henry Ford Museum
Students can study America's fight for freedom, visit toys from the past, or learn about hereos of the sky.

Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum
Students see the capsule of the Freedom 7 Mercury flight, Gemini VII, and the mobile quarantine facility for the Apollo 11 astronauts and more.

History Wired
This features over 450 objects not on display at the Smithsonian.

Wonders of the World

Visit the Moon and Other Wonderful European Countries

European Painting Museum

Fabulous Louvre Museum featuring the Mona Lisa

Full Screen Look at Mount St. Helen's Summit

Mount Vernon Tour

Oriental Institute Museum

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Virtual Museum Tour

US Capital Virtual Tour

Virtual Journey into the Universe

Virtual Words

Whale and Dolphon Site