These links below contain professional development opportunities - such as videos and online classes to enhance and develop skills.
Here is a long list of step-ny-step tutorials on a wide rane of useful tools. All handouts are in PDF format and can be used with students.
Great set of 2 page PDF files describing how to begin investigating and using a wide range of Internet based tools.
You can get college credit on this site. Explore the riches of Anneberg Foundation's professional development videos on teaching core subject areas, education reform and foreign language. Free registration provides easy access to video on demand options for a majoirity of the workshops available. Wroks best with Internet Explorer.
Here are well developed online professional development opportunities. Educators are guided through learning about differentiated instruction, a common teaching tool in the gifted education world, as well as using technology. The presentation options section of the site is rich in ideas and examples for student projects.
Helps uderstanding of teaching reading and brain development. This treasure trove of information on the brain is a must see for all educators. The mysteries of learning and the brain are explained in a straight forward manner. Suggestions for helping incorporate a number of learning strategies are provided. Consider subscribing to the Brain Fitness Newsletter.
Access research studies based on what question ou are seeking to answer, such as, "How can tehnoogy develop higher order thinking skils and problem solving skills?" with this site. Developed by the International Society of Technology Educators and funded by the Bill & Melinda Gaes Foundation, you will gain easy access to some of the most recent research available.
PBS has gathered a nuber of research studies on acces, assistive technology, distance education, Internet Safety, tudents learning, and a number of other topics. The vast variety of sources makes this one of the first two places to head when seeking research to bac a teaching practice using technology.
Thisis the place to begin your search for rubrics you can use as is or tweak for your purposes. This vast store is gathered from a number of soures and from professional development options offered through college. Be sure to check out the video and multimedia project options as you can continue to expand the role of technology in your classroom.
Great - primary rubric of hamburger and ice cram cone.
The search option provides access to the myriad teacher develoed rubris. An inspiration or example section can be used to spark thinking. The sit still has many free options. Registration is require to save rubrics. A Spanish opion is also available.
Text-based with graphics,these straightforward tutorials are well indexed. Microsofttraining is a plus. Hence, they are usefl for students wanting to learn a particular segment of a program. Another useful tool for helping differentiate lessons with technlogy options for projects.
A subscription based techology site for tutorials.
These tutorials found on Apple's website provide step by step instructions for beginners as well as Quick Time video clips detailing the setups to be used. A great resource for students to use prior to their first project.
Photo Story allows Windows users to createslide shows, add special effects, and include music without having access to PowerPoint. Step-by-step insructions and hint sheets are provided. Example creations are also available for download with the directions used for creating them. Good project for sharing field trip information.
Another set of step-by-step tutorials for using Windows bilt in Movie Maker. Whether your students are beginners or experienced digital story tellers, ideas and hints are included for both categories.
Nice set of videos. Be sure to look for the Word tips and the 24 points for using PowerPoint.
Check out the stupendous videos on a number of Web 2.0 topics. Learn about podcasting, RSS feeds, Twitter, blogs, online photo storage, and a number of other topics.
Well develpe, step-by-step tutorials on sing both of these superb graphic organizer programs. Learn everything you need to get you started using either program.
You can sign-up to have a tech tip a day e-mailed to you. Some are very helpful. Some you do not need. You can also just go to the site and search the topic index.