This website allows you to highlight information on a web page.
Thisis the place to begin your search for rubrics you can use as is or tweak for your purposes. This vast store is gathered from a number of soures and from professional development options offered through college. Be sure to check out the video and multimedia project options as you can continue to expand the role of technology in your classroom.
Great - primary rubric of hamburger and ice cram cone.
The search option provides access to the myriad teacher develoed rubris. An inspiration or example section can be used to spark thinking. The sit still has many free options. Registration is require to save rubrics. A Spanish opion is also available.

Lesson Plan Websites
Tons of information and lesson plans. Also has free online courses. Free registration is necessary to access the complete list of resources.
Roll ovee the subjects to enter this treasure trv of lesson ideas. Each lesson opion includes ties to standards, discussion questions, extensions, and wel researched web sites and reading options. Be sure to check out the range of geography lessons available.
The lessons follows a standard format and include links to excellent digital resources.
This site claims to track things down so you don't have to. It lives up to the claim. Explore thousands of wel developed lesson plans.
What a resource!! Here you will find myriad lesson plans on any number of subjects. Curent ideas and themes are displayed first for quick access.
Gathere by AAAS, a national science organization, these lesson plans ae indexed by grade range. Lesson plans are linked to national science benhmarks.