You don't need a White Board to use all of these sites. They are a great resource and can be used on an individual computer or as a link in a computer center.

WhiteBoard Resources
Be sure to check both the "Foundations" and "Primary" sections for great interactive sites. This is a great place to start for IWB users.

Smartboard Resources
Developed by teachers in a Missouri school district. Be sure to explore the template ideas, collections, andites to get you started links. Downoading requires a right click of the mouse and saving the file.

Topmarks WhiteBoard Resources
Foundation is Kindergarten, Stage1 , is 1st and 2nd grade, Stage 2, is 3rd - 6th grade, you will be able to navigate the idex easily.

Great for litle kids to work on mouse skills - Mr. Potato. The number and quality of these resources is simply staggering! You may also find some good history ideas as well.

Interactive Stories for Kids
Interactive Stories for Kids. Narrators have a slight British Accent.

Student Interactives
These two sites housed at utah Education Network serve as portals for a numer of splendid sites to use with IWBs.Options range from ABC's to art & music to learning about health. Be sure to check out the "Brain Games" and "Brai Teasers".

Smartboard Activities
Wichita Public Schools shares a wealth of excellent lessons for a variety of grade levels.

Interactive Games
Great lesson on the food chain. Items work best with Internet Explorer - wonderful set of interactive games. Check out the Brain games.

Online Learning
Explore the wide range of learning options found here. These are great lessons and have options for capturing that 5-10 minutes left at the end of a lesson.

Notebook Interactive Viewer
Smarts main page.

Smartboard Lesson Search Engine
Target Google's interative whiteboard sites. Customized search lessons.