Kidspiration Activities
Great templates. This wonderful colletio of downloadable temlates is a true reasure trove for educators! The site includes materials for language arts, math, science, social studies, and humanities options. There is a review optio before you download.

Kidspiration Collection
There are 34 activities at this site and each one has a lesson plan link and a look at the Kidspiration diagram.

Kidspiration Templates
Nice set of templates for lessons in grades K-3rd. The templates can be asily saved for use in your classrooom.

Rockingham County Schools Ispiration & Kidspiration Resources
Here is a ide range of paper based graphic organizers for various curriculum areas. Topics range from concept maps, science experiments, persuasive writing, decision making, and more.

50 Ways to Use Graphic Organizers Plugin=Loft
Gets you thinking about using this tool.

Graphic Organizers
Houghton Mifflin provides over 35 ready-made graphic organizers at this site. All the items are stored as PDF files for easy saving and printing.

More Graphic Organizers
Education Oasis provides over 55 graphic organizers options.

Read-Write-Think Webbing Tool
Internet based webbing tool from NCTE.