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BBC Primary (Ages 4 – 11 – all subjects)
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Scholastic’s Computer Lab Favorites


Mr. Nussbaum

Humorous educational videos can be found here. Choose your free video, and then full movie screen.

Click on your grade and subject, and try some activities.

Apples for the Teacher
Activities are divided by subject area. Also check out Holiday Fun and Teacher section.

Toon University
Activities for 1st – 6th Grade divided by subject area. Paid subscription for all activities but a good variety of free activities.

Language Arts, Spelling and Writing
Suitable for PreK through 3rd grade.

RIF Reading Planet

Free Rice

Read, Write and Think
Click Lessons to see activity and grade level. Click student materials to access interactive tools.

Spelling City

Giggle Poetry

Test Your Comma IQ

Game Goo

Sadlier Phonics

BBC Science Clips

National Geographic Creature Features
Choose your animal. Hear his sound, see a video, learn fun facts, see a map of the habitat.

Active Science

Weather Wiz Kids

Sea and Sky

Science Kids

Star Child
For Young Astronomers – everything you ever wanted to know about the solar system, universe, and space. For readers and non-readers, and presented at two different levels. (K-3 should use level 1).

BBC Kids Numeracy

Math Magician
Practice math facts, all operations, two levels.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives (Math)
Web-based manipulatives for K-12. A wonderful tool to be used with a projector and a single computer in the classroom.

Math Playground

Math is Fun


Number Time

HB School Counting Money