NY Times
Here is a ready made current events activity for students in grades 3 to 5 every day. A student handout and teacher planning sheet are provided.

Time for Kids
Start with the teachers site an explore the range of lessons divided by grade levels K-6th. Worksheets, mini-lessons, and graphic organizers are avialale by PDF format.
Swtch to he kids site and expore the cover story online. This can be used a a teaching tool whher you subscribe to the print version or not.

Scholastic News
Make use of the wonderful set of interactive sites developed by these educators in the UK.

Today's News
Shows the front pages of severl newspapers. This site provides access to the front pages of major newspapers across the world from 56 countries. This is a great site for teaching point of view. you might wnt to use it in conjunction with Newsmap.

Visual Map
Here is a visual map of the news updated via Google news feed. The display can be esily customized to inclde just national and world news. This visual helps users see patterns in the news.

Yahoo Kids
Check out the slideshows in various categories. The news option provides good still photos to use as writing prompts or to stimulate discussion about the event.

Education World
Here is a weekly news story with a complete lesson plan. The lesson is tied to various standards, includes voabulary and comprehension activities, as well as providing a set of extension ideas. The story can be printed so each sudent can read at his/her own pace. Be sure to look at the archives for a wide range of ideas.

Student Newscasts
Look at a number of student developed newscast on current events, science, environmental issues, book reviews and other topics. Seres as a good example of student produced projects.

Tween Tribune
A site for students and teachers with kid-friendly news feeds on which to comment or add their own stories.