Sesame Street Podcasts
Gather a series of video podcasts for use with your students. The current theme is the word of the week done by a celebrity.

Real literature audio files.

Great for listening centers. Fairytales and Robin Hood stories. Also has Greek myths.

Children's Fun Storytime
Audio files of good children's literature. Chapter access to Alice in Wonderland is available and Hansel and Gretel is done in sections.

Here are monthly news updates from the San Diego site as well as some great video clips. It is easiest to use iTunes to subscribe if you want to download videos. Audio and Video cn be streamed from this site.

Princeton Vocab Minute
Whimsical audio files designed to help students learn vocabulary. Check the Junior options on te web site. You can play selections directly from the website, which means the audio streaming is running. Or, you can subscribe via iTunes and download the files to your computer or flash drive for use without the Internet. This would be great t have the students make their own vocab minute.

Ask an Astronomer
Delightful video podcasts for use with students. Topics range from the movement of stars to the status of Pluto to black holes. Each video is done by a NASA scientist and provides excellent information. The videos can be downloaded in various formats for use b educators and students.

Superb video podcast for helping teach biology. Check out the podcast on the "Most Deadliest Snake." Uee Itunes to subscribe for ease of access and download options.

Colonial Williamsburg
Help engage students in this period of history by learning about the medical practices, the fife and drum corp, farm animals, fashion, abd other topics. The beauty of these podcasts is that transripts are also available so that the students can read along.

Moment of Indiana History
Check out this site to scroll through the various podcasts vailable from this site. Use as a model for student creations for your own state. Also check to see if your state has a similar feature from the local NPR.

Radio Willow Web
Explore the vast range of student developed podcasts. Here you will find items for social studies class as well a other subjects. Be sure to chcek out the podcast on Omaha as an exampe of something your students might do.

Learning in Hand
Explore the excellent suggestions on both using podcasts as content as well as directions for creating your own.

Education Podcast Network
First stop in searching for additional educational podcasts. Look at both student ad class examples before venturing into podcasts of your own.

Searching for Podcasts with Google
Use the content term, then add a + sign and the word podcast. Remember to use quotes for a phrase search.